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  PT. Larasindo Prima, founded in 2013, engaged in the field of supply of Drilling Fluids for Mining and Oil and Gas mineral. Sells quality products and original from Halliburton Baroid, Australian Mud Company (AMC),  and local products that have been recognized reliability.

The authenticity of products we offer delivers superior fit what each has to offer manufacturers in general:
  1. Increasing stability borehole (wellbore stability)
  2. Increase Productivity
  3. Reduce the cost due to the use of drilling fluids who are not good
  4. Improving the Effectiveness of drilling
  5. Reducing the time is not Productive
  6. Reducing the negative impacts of Issues Health Safety and Environment.

  With support from their respective manufacturers, as well as Mud Engineer Our experienced in dealing with any drilling conditions in the field, associated with the formation of soil at depth, then we are ready to help your company to get the best formula for drilling fluids for projects that are being addressed.

  Review the location of the work to be part of our service, which of course with the conditions and specific conditions. Delivery to remote locations the area an added value for us with the support of our various modes of transport links with more competitive prices.

  We are happy to assist you, for that please do not hesitate to contact us. The best service from us you will receive with hospitality.



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